Styling Summer Shorts for Men

summer shorts

Every man should have a good pair of summer shorts in their wardrobe because they will come in handy during the warmer parts of the year when man’s not hot.

A lot of men might be skeptical about wearing shorts because they are not the easiest look to pull off. You’d also need to have some level of body confidence to attempt leaving the house in a pair of shorts. To help guide you;

Here are some tips for styling summer shorts for men

No to bum shorts


The length of your shorts shouldn’t be too short, so it doesn’t look like you’ve got on bum shorts; especially if you want to avoid the experience of this guy here. Also, your summer shorts shouldn’t be too long. Always aim for the sweet spot, which is usually 2 inches above the knee.

Consider the fabric

When deciding the fabric for shorts, ensure your choice does not wrinkle after a bit of friction. Chinos, cotton, seersucker and khaki twill are some of the favourites. Only wear denims if you are going for an uber casual event or you might risk looking out of place. Avoid fabrics used for athletic wears, unless you want to use them for just that.

How body conscious are you?

summer shorts for men

It’s important to know your physic before deciding to buy a pair of shorts. This will help you pick the right colour, size and shape while also ensuring you are comfortable and dapper. If you have big thighs, wear darker colours because they eliminate shadows and help you look thinner. If you have skinny thighs, opt for summer shorts with patterns or Ankara (prints) because they’ll make you look a bit thicker.

How good is your colour blocking skill?

summer shorts

As shorts are usually worn during the hotter part of the year, very dark colours like black might be counterproductive because of their heat generating tendencies. You should favour plain colours like blue, green or white. You could also go bold with brighter colours like orange, and if you are feeling lucky, pink will definitely work. Just ensure you don’t match the bright colours with conflicting ones. A bright coloured pair of shorts matched with a white shirt or tee always looks good.

The entire look matters.

When styling summer shorts for men, always remember, to think of an outfit involving shorts is to think of any other outfit; the entire look matter. Always ensure the colours you pick out do not clash, so that you don’t end up looking like a piñata. Secondly, if you decide to wear something with patterns or prints, try to ensure that only a single piece from your ensemble is in patterns or prints. Match them with neutral colours. For foot wear, do not wear sandals or slippers. A pair of loafers or boat shoes will be perfect. If you decide to wear sneakers, go for the classics as advised here.

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