What we learnt from glitz Africa fashion week 2017

GAFW 2017

glitz Africa fashion week

Some of the biggest African Designers gathered to decide for us what we will be wearing next season, as they showcased their designs at the kick-off for the African fashion season in Accra, Ghana, at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week. There wasn’t a dull moment because all the designers came with their A game; a spectacle was on show. From Mai Atafo’s headlining bateau sleeved wedding dress to Duaba Serwa’s Asymmetrically textured Kente print gowns. David Tlale and Abrantie the Gentleman’s colourful designs for men advocated for a liberal African male. The best was saved for last with Christie Brown’s “F[men] IST” presentation; definitely one that won’t be forgotten very fast.

Here are 7 lessons we learnt from Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2017

1. Keep calm and wrap your hair the turban style

Usually, African attires come with an accompanying head wrap, which can be styled in different ways. The dominant head wrap style at the GAFW17 was the turban style head wrap. Duaba Serwa accompanied her Kente print (traditional African fabric) gowns, which should be noted, are sewn in modern tailoring, with turban style head wraps. They look absolutely gorgeous; definitely a trend for next season especially because of the natural hair trend.


glitz Africa fashion week
Duaba Serwa

2. Ruffles (like in Europe) are back

Apparently, not only politicians do a second term. Ruffles are back for another successive season. This could be easily noticed on the runway from Tubos sleeveless ballroom gowns, the high waist skirts from Afro Mod. Ruffles also appeared on Duaba Serwas Kente print gowns.


glitz Africa fashion week

Glitz Africa fashion week

Konga-₦ 35,000

3. Rise and Glow (Glow makeup)

The glowing skin makeup was the makeup choice for many of the models. Beauty trend for next season? Apparently, the fashion heavy weights want us to keep it in mind.


glitz africa fashion week
Nadrey Laurent

glitz africa fashion week


4. Bishop Collar (#PMB Style)

It is common knowledge in Nigeria that the incumbent president automatically becomes a trendsetter. Work hazard or perks from the job? The presidents rule transcends politics as they are also expressed on the catwalk. The Bishop Collar for Mai Atafos Agbada design borrows inspiration from the signature style of the president of Nigeria. Trend Alert!

glitz Africa fashion week
Mai Weddings

glitz Africa fashion week

Jumia-₦ 17,200

5. Colour on dark skin, yummy!!

African men are highly conservative, especially when it comes to the colour on their clothing, so it was great to see David Tlale’s brightly coloured suites and Abrantie the Gentleman’s colourful Kente Print designs questioning the norm. They have challenged men to try something daring by playing with colours. Are we close to a day when you could be metrosexual and not labelled quere?

6. Asymmetrically detailed African prints (lisa folawiyo style)

 If you are a follower of African fashion, you would have inevitably noticed the influence of Lisa Folawiyo in a number of the designs showcased at the glitz Africa fashion week 2017. The fun side of this was that, her influence was not only expressed on designs made from traditional African fabrics which is known to be her favoured fabric, it was also apparent on designs made from other fabrics. I am proud to see Africans influencing Africans. Not an easy design to achieve, but they are worth investing in for next season.

7. African print shorts

Kente shorts are definitely a thing for next season. Chocolate Clothes Ghana did well to bring these designs to the forefront of their showcase.

glitz africa fashion week
Chocolate Clothes
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